Classes & Sources of Seeds

Classes and sources of seed

(A) Breeder Seed

Breeder seed is a seed or vegetative propogating material directly controlled by the originating or sponsoring plant breeder of the breeding programme or institution and /or seed whose production is personally supervised by a qualified plant breeder and which provides the source for the initial and recurring increase of foundation seed.

Breeder seed shall be genetically so pure as to guarantee that in the subsequent generation i.e certified Foundation seed class shall conform to the prescribed standards of genetic purity. The other quality factors of Breeder seed such as physical purity, innert matter, germination etc., shall be indicated on the label on actual basis. The Breeder seed shall be packed and supplied by the Breeders in the form and manner indicated below:

 i. Breeder seed shall be supplied in sealed containers, duly stitched and sealed
ii. A cloth-lined label of 12cmx6cm containing following information shall be affixed on the container.

Crop                                                                          Label No.


Class of Seed                                                      Breeder Seed

Lot No.

Date of Test

* Pure seed                                                                   %

* Inert matter                                                             %

* Germination                                                            %

** Oil content                                                             %

     Producing Institution (name & address)

* Based on actuals

** It shall be applicable for sunflower crop only.

iii. The container should also have printed on it the kind, variety and name of the institution
iv. The label shall be rubber stamped with signature, name and designation of the concerned Breeder. Colour of the label shall be golden yellow, No. 356 (IS: 5-1978)
v. Every breeder / breeding institute shall maintain the account of labels printed and issued. Further, a monitoring team has been constituted as detailed below to conduct field inspections of all the breeder seed plots at critical stages of crop growth to maintain the quality of the seeds and issue BSP-III :

A. Breeder Seed Plot Review Team :
1 Associate Director of Research of the concerned SAU’s or                       –  Chairman
Division his Representative of the
2 Concerned Crop Breeder / Scientist of the Concerned SAU’s                   – Members
3 Assistant General Manager / Manager (OP), KSSC                                         – Member
4 Representative from the KSDA/ADA/SMS of JDA Office                             – Member
5 Representative of NSC                                                                                                - Member
6 Representative of KOF                                                                                               – Member
7 Deputy Director of KSSOCA                                                                                     – Member
Note : However, breeder seed production does not come under the purview of seed certification

(B) Certified Seed – Foundation & Certified Class

Certified seed shall be the seed certified by Certification Agency notified Under Section 8 of the Seeds Act, 1966 or seeds certified by any Certification Agencies established in any Foreign      Country provided the Certification Agency has been recognised by the Central Govt. through notification in the Official Gazette Certified seed shall consist of two classes, namely Foundation and Certified seed and each class shall conform to the following descriptions:


1. Certified Foundation seed shall be the progeny of Breeder seed, or be produced from Foundation seed which can be clearly traced to Breeder seed. Thus, Foundation seed can even be produced from Foundation seed. During the production of certified Foundation seed, the following guidelines shall be observed ;
a) Certified Foundation seed produced directly from Breeder seed shall be designated as Foundation seed stage-I.
b) Certified Foundation seed produced from Foundation stage-I shall be designated as Foundation seed stage – II.
c) Certified Foundation seed stage-II will not be used for further increase of Foundation seed and shall be used only for production of Certified seed class:

d) Minimum Seed Certification Standards shall be the same for both Foundation seed Stage-I and II unless otherwise prescribed :
e) Certification tags shall be of White colour for both Foundation Seed stage-I & II and shall contain the information as to its stage;
f) Production of Foundation seed Stage-II shall ordinarily be adopted in respect of such crop varieties provided, when it is expressly felt by the Certification Agency that Breeder seed is in short supply;
g) Production of Foundation seed stage-II may be adopted for the following group of crops;
- vegetatively propagated crops :
- apomictically reproduced crops ;
- self pollinated crops
- often cross pollinated and cross pollinated crops , these being gene – polls should not loose their genetic identity and purity if measures to safeguard the same are adequately taken ;
- composite and synthetics ;
- parental line increase of hybrids.
2. Production of Foundation seed stage-I and II shall be supervised and approved by the Certification Agency and be so handled as to maintain specific genetic identity and genetic purity and shall be required to conform to certification standards specified for the crop/variety being certified.
3. (a) Certified seed shall be the progeny of Foundation seeds and its production shall be so handled as to maintain specific genetic identity and purity according to standards prescribed for the crop being certified;
(b) Certified seed may be the progeny of Certified seed provided this reproduction does not exceed three generations beyond Foundation Seed Stage-I and
- it is determined by the Certification Agency that genetic identity and genetic purity will not be significantly altered ;
- and when the Certification Agency is satisfied that there is genuine shortage of Foundation seed despite on the reasonable efforts made by the seed producer.
(c) Certification tag shall be of Blue colour (Shade ISI No.104 AZURE BLUE) for Certification seed class.

(d) Certified seed produced from Certified seed shall not be eligible for further seed increase under certification. Certification tags for such production which is not eligible for further seed increase under certification shall be superscribed “ Not eligible for further seed increase under certification“.
Further, apart from the regular field inspections by the concerned ADSCs and SCOs a separate monitoring team comprising of the following members has been constituted to inspect the foundation seed plots at critical stages of crop growth to regulate the quality of foundation seeds :

B. Foundation Seed Plot Review Team :
1 Special Officer (Seed) of concerned SAU’s of the                              - Chairman
concerned Division
2 Concerned Crop Breeder/ Scientist of the Concerned SAU’s       – Members
3 Representative of Seed Producing Agencies                                       – Members
4 Representative from the KSDA                                                                 – Member
5 Assistant Director of KSSOCA                                                                    - Member Secretary