Seeds Certification Procedures

1) Firm registration : All the seed producing firms/institutions, both public and private sectors, should get their firms registered with the KSSCA by submitting the required Information in the prescribed proforma every year prior to taking up seed certification programme.
2) Source verification : Physical verification of the source of seed is mandatory before distribution of the seed material for sowing. The seed producer should inform the concerned Agency officials in writing furnishing all the information about the seed material before distribution to the growers. A source-verification register containing relevant information as prescribed should be maintained by the seed producer for verification by Agency staff.
3) After source verification application for certification should be submitted in the prescribed FORM-1in triplicate to the concerned Assistant Director of Seed Certification. FORM-1 is available with the divisional and zonal offices of the Agency.
4) FORM-1 should be submitted within 30 days from the date of sowing or 15 days from the date of transplanting, as the case may be.
5) Seed Certification tags/breeder labels should be enclosed along with FORM-1
6) The relevant seed certification charges such as registration fee, inspection fee growout test charges (wherever   necessary), seed testing charges, etc. should be remitted along with FORM-1.
7) Separate FORM-1 should be submitted for certification of each variety. The FORM-1 should contain complete details of the name and address of the seed producer; season of production; name and address of the grower; along with copies of Pahni (RTC) location of the seed plot; crop/ variety and class of seed to be produced; area under seed production;
details of parental seed materials used with lot number; date of sowing and the particulars of seed certification charges remitted.
8) In a single application, the maximum area that can be offered for certification is 25 acres. Additional area will require separate application.
9) No refund of inspection and registration fee will be made once the seed plot has been visited / inspected by the Seed Certification Officer .
10) The seed producer should assist the Agency staff in locating the seed plots during the first inspection.
11) Seed producers should guide their growers in agronomic practices, pest/disease control etc., for seed production.
12) Only seed from plots meeting all the prescribed field standards for certification is accepted for processing at the recognised seed processing units.
13) All the necessary care should be taken to avoid admixture during harvesting, threshing and transportation.
14) Harvested seed produce from the approved fields should be brought to the seed processing unit and seeds are to be certified within 2 ½ months from the date of harvest.
15) Certification of a seed lot will be taken up only if it has met the prescribed field and seed standards.