Grow Out Test For Genetic Purity

The Agency conducts grow-out-test to determine genetic purity of a seed drawn from a lot wherever it is a prerequisite for grant of certificate and also on the seed lots where doubt has arisen about the genetic purity.
Further, in order to regulate the quality of certified seeds GOT has been made mandatory for all seed lots of Hybrids, their parents, all foundation seed lots Ragi (Finger Millet), Greengram, Blackgram, Soybean, Sunflower and all vegetable crop verities and hybrids.
Control GOT is also mandatory for the source material procured by the seed producers and certified by other State Certification Agencies and also wherever Stage-II certification is requested.
Note : However, in order to make the seeds available in time for sowing provision has been made for “Pending GOT Certification” as per the request of the seed producers. But release order (Form-II) will not be issued for such lots and also undertaking is obtained by the producers to withdraw such seed lot that have failed in GOT from the certification chain and surrender the seed certification tag for cancellation.
All certified seed lots shall conform to the following minimum standards for genetic purity unless
otherwise prescribed.
Class Minimum genetic purity (%)
Foundation 99.0
a. Varieties, Composites, Synthetics and Multilines 98.0
b. Hybrids 95.0
c. Certified Hybrids of Cotton, Brinjal, Tomato & Muskmelon 90.0
a. Foundation 95.0
b. Hybrids 85.0
*Off-type plants other than selfed plants such as segregants, out crosses and plants of other
varieties should not exceed 1.5%.
All the observations recorded in the seed analysis card and checked for proper entry and 26 calculations before reporting. The results are then decoded and transferred to the seed analysis report for further communication to the sender of the sample.
1. Brine (10%) solution is prepared by dissolving 10g common salt (sodium chloride) in 100 ml of water. Soaking in brine has to be done only where ergot infection is noticed but within the prescribed field standard. The seed is to be dipped in brine solution for 5-10 min and ergot sclerotia removed. The seed is washed thoroughly with water.
2. The seed is to be treated only if loose smut infection is suspected or detected in the seed.