Validity Period Of The Certificate

Validity Peroid of the Certificate

The validity period of the seed lot will be nine months from the date of test at the time of initial certification. The validity period may be further extended for six months provided the seed conforms to the prescribed standards on re-testing. A seed lot will be eligible for extension of the validity period as long as it conforms to the prescribed standards.
The procedure for extension of validity is as follows.

Holder of the certified seed stock or authorized representative may request the Agency for extension of the validity of certified seed before expiry of the previous validity. Information regarding name of the crop, variety, class of seed, quantity of seed in lot, lot number, size and type of containers. Release Order No. etc., should be furnished to the Agency at the time of submission of application.

The Agency will arrange for the drawing of seed sample and its analysis after verifying the tags, labels, seals and validity period. The sample is tested for physical purity, germination and insect damage. If reprocessing, testing and re-bagging at the time of extension of validity period is requested, it may also be considered if the Agency is of the opinion that such operation may improve the quality of seed.

After analysis of the seed sample, if seed is found to conform to the prescribed standards, the Agency will extend the validity of the seed for a further period of six months from the date of test. The date of test and the validity period shall be stamped on existing tags or new tags shall be issued. The signature and address of the Seed Certification Officer attending to the validity work are also affixed on the tag. If new tags are issued the information in the old tags will be transferred to the new tags allotted. A complete record of the validation process will be maintained by the Agency.

Note : Bagging, tagging and final certification of a seed lot should be completed within one month from the date of test, otherwise the certificates of such lots shall be surrendered to the head office and re-sampling & re-testing shall be taken up only after getting permission from the competent authorities.