Major Diseases

Name of the Disease and Causal Organism



Control Measures



 1. Downy mildew




Infected plants show pale yellow, narrow leaves,  covered with fine cottony growth of fungus. Long yellowish white streaks are seen through out tl1e length of the leaf, later turns brown. Plants remain stunted and bears no earhead.



1. Grow resistant varieties CSH-5, CSH-6, CSV-5.

2. Uproot the affected plants and destroy it or destroy before see stage.


2. Sugary disease

 (Sphacelia sorghi)


Sugary secretions may be oozing from the earhead and the grains will not develop. The leaves dry-up.



1. Use disease free seeds

2. Soak seeds in 10% salt solution that light ergot bodies will float. Remove them and destroy, goodseeds are cleaned in fresh water and dry them for sowing.

3. Spray Thiram 0.2% beforepanicle emergence.


 3. Rust

(Puccinia purpurea)


Red pustules appear on both the surface of lower leaves, more on the upper half. As the disease advance to younger leaves, the top

2-3 leaves are rarely attacked. The older leaves dry up.


Spray crop with Dithane M-450.2oA


 4. Leaf spot

 (Helminthosporium turcicum)


Large elongated spindle shaped spots are formed on leaves. The straw coloured central spot is surrounded by deeply pigmented margin. Several spots maycoalesce to kill the affected area of the



1. Spray crop with Carbendazim   0.1%.

2. Treat seeds with Organo-Mercuri   compounds 0.1 %.



 1. Downy mildew

 (Sclerophthora rayssiae)


Yellowish streaks broken or continuous whitish downy growth mainly  on lower surface of the leaves. Later turning brown.



1. Use the disease free seeds.

2. Spray crops with Dithane M-45 0.2   to check the secondary spread.

3. Seed treatment with Ridomil 2-6 Gm/kg of seed.

4. Mancozeb 75 WP 2.5gm.llit.